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Do you simply need to get away from the stress of daily life? Is your nervous system frazzled and in need of tending to? A getaway at Living Well might be just the thing to refresh you—mind, body, and soul.

Our newly built, cozy, one-room cottages were designed with rest and renewal in mind. Tucked away on our 10-acre property amidst the tall pines of East Texas, our cottages invite you to quiet your mind and reconnect with your soul. Each cottage has all you need for your personal retreat: soaring sixteen-foot cathedral ceilings, a luxurious king-size canopy bed with comfortable linens, a large walk-in shower, and a supplied kitchenette.

During your stay, you’re free to enjoy all of our outdoor amenities, including a resort-style pool, nature trails, fire pit, hammocks, and more.




A. a period of rest and relaxation

B. the place to which one goes for rest and relaxation

Our Cottages & Amenities

The Willow cottage in Tyler TX

The Willow

Welcome to The Willow. This cottage retreat is named The Willow in honor of the willow tree, which symbolizes a human’s capability to withstand hardship, loss, and difficult emotions. With its long life and the ease with which new trees can be rooted from cuttings, the willow tree is truly a survivor and a symbol of rebirth.

The Floret cottage in Tyler TX

The Floret Cottage

Welcome to The Floret. Although The Floret, or “Little Flower,” suggests delicacy, the name is nonetheless associated with strength and resilience. Tiny seeds grow into beautiful, bold flowers that inspire awe and joy in spite of nature’s hardships. Our hope is that you, too, will discover the resilience and beauty in your life during your stay.

You cottage amenities include...

  • Soaring, 16-foot cathedral ceilings
  • Luxurious, king-size canopy bed
  • Comfortable linens
  • Large, walk-in shower
  • Stocked kitchenette

    Your stay includes access to...

    • Resort-style pool
    • Walking trails
    • Hammocks
    • Fire pit

    For more than an Airbnb-type getaway, use the form below to request our wellness coaching, massage, yoga, soul care sessions, far infrared sauna, red light therapy, and/or NuCalm services during your stay.

    For a lot more than an Airbnb-type getaway, explore our counseling intensives and retreats.

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