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Evelyn Wong, Massage Therapist Tyler Texas

Evelyn is a licensed massage therapist, with a focus on medical massage. She has spent many years studying various alternative health modalities, as well as four years assisting with an equine therapy program. Evelyn’s desire is to help remove the health obstacles that keep people from reaching their full desired potential, whether those obstacles are mental, physical or spiritual.

Evelyn’s experience raising her five children has proven to her that what works for one, does not always work for another. Since everybody is different and reacts differently to specific treatments, the goal is to determine the optimal treatment for each individual. Whether that be a full body relaxing massage, deep tissue massage, or treatment of a specific area of pain or injury, being mindful of each client’s needs and limitations.

Evelyn attended Stone School of Massage and then pursued certification in medical massage in Dallas Texas. Evelyn is also trained in various alternative modalities, including EFT and Quantum Touch.