About Living Well

A Whole Person Approach to Mental Health and Wellness

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide preventative and restorative treatment in a therapeutic environment. We believe people are created mind, body, and soul and therefore aim to promote mental health and well-being through an integrative approach.


Because mind, body, and soul are intrinsically connected, so is the care we provide.


Every person is unique and therefore care must be tailored to each person.

What We Do

Living Well has gathered a team of professionals who are excellent at what they do. While each of the disciplines we practice have demonstrated benefits and stand on their own, when practiced in combination, they can have a greater effect. Our practitioners collaborate to give the highest level of care possible.

Our Approach

We partner with you to create a comprehensive approach that effectively meets your individual needs through therapies that engage mind, body, and soul.  You can come for one treatment or create a combination of treatments to help you on your journey to living well.

Our Core Values

Living Well is committed to the highest level of individualized care for every person.  We believe you are divinely created, uniquely designed, and you are more than a client.  You are our valued guest.  We’re honored to serve you.

People You’ll Feel at Home With

Our practice started with three friends (Amy Waters and Mark & Kami Jackson). In God’s providence, Living Well has become a dream team of incredible professionals who feel like family. And when you show up, you’ll fit right in.