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Discover What Nourishes You

Your health is directly connected to what nourishes your body, your mind, and your soul. And while nutrition is about way more than just eating, your relationship with food matters.

An Applied Functional Medicine Approach to Coaching

Thanks to increased study on the gut-brain axis, the gut is often referred to as the “second brain.” There is a clear connection between mental health and nutrition. Food IS mood. What we put into our bodies affects the production of key neurotransmitters, like serotonin and dopamine. Even our ability to digest our food plays a role in the signals the brain receives for optimal function. It is a two-way highway. The way we manage our stress can impact how our food is broken down and utilized.

With a targeted nutrition program, you can uncover ways to nourish your body and brain at the same time. What you eat, your relationship with food and your mindset toward it all directly impact your mental health and well-being. Individualization is key.


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“Relating to a multidisciplinary, holistic approach to nutrition that aims to consider all of the things that affect your health.”

Diet and Nutrition Tyler Texas

What you get from an integrative health coach who has been trained in applied functional medicine

  • Thorough evaluations of every piece of evidence – including your symptoms, your labwork, any additional functional labwork you choose to add on.
  • Someone who will advocate for your health, your unique body, and symptoms using the latest evidence-based support.
  • Open-ended questions to help you put the pieces together and consider connections you previously hadn’t seen before.
  • Lifestyle recommendations, based on the application of functional medicine principles, designed to support you right where you are.
  • A whole-person, whole-body HOLISTIC approach to feeling better so that you can fully live out your God-given purpose.

A health coach doesn’t take the place of your primary care provider. A health coach is one more team member to have on your side.

As a fully certified practitioner in applied functional medicine , Erin is excited to partner with a diagnostic testing company. Through this company she can offer GI Map, DUTCH hormone testing, full thyroid labs, and other labs on request. All orders go through a physician for review. This is an excellent way to put together puzzle pieces of your health. You may be told everything looks normal, but you  don’t feel normal.

Thanks to a functional medicine lens of labwork, she views even the most basic labs (like CMP and CBC) through a narrower lens. Erin will offer you insights you won’t get anywhere else. With this information, she can help you put pieces together to see what nutrients and nourishment your individual body will benefit from.

✔️Step one: set up a session for a full health history consultation and to discuss what labwork would be best to get to the bottom of your symptoms.

 ✔️Step two: Erin will put in the lab order, and you pay the wholesale test price through the testing company. Physician review is included.

 ✔️Step three: set up a follow-up session when results are in and we tailor a plan to support your needs.

Total cost for all the above: from $390-$550, depending on labs ordered.


  • GI Map (home test)                       
  • FIT Test (at Living Well)                     
  • Functional Wellness Panel (CBC, CMP, full thyroid, metabolic markers) at LabCorp
  • DUTCH test (hormones) home test

Integrative Health Session Prices

Individual 50 Minute Session


Individual 80 Minute Session


Erin Kerry, Integrative Health Coach in Tyler, TX

Meet Erin Kerry

Integrative Health Coach

Erin Kerry is an integrative health coach with an emphasis on applied functional medicine.

As a survivor of mental illness, Erin knows firsthand how suffering from a chronic illness can infiltrate every area of life. She has spent the last decade coaching others and learning for herself what “holistic health” truly means – and that comes in the form of nutrition for mind, body, and soul. Erin wants people to be empowered to be their own health advocate and not be limited by a label or diagnosis.

Her specialization is in mental health conditions such as anxiety, ADHD, depression, and bipolar disorder. She has also received extensive training in supporting autoimmune health, metabolic syndrome, detoxification, gut health, and all types of chronic disease conditions.

She received integrative nutrition training from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and applied functional medicine training from The School of Applied Functional Medicine.

She offers KBMO food inflammation testing and other functional labwork upon request.

Learn more about her approach to health at Sparking Wholeness. She is a regular contributor for The Mighty, Christian Parenting, and her writing has also been featured in Yahoo! News and the Denison Forum. Her podcast, Sparking Wholeness with Erin Kerry, reaches hundreds of thousands of listeners every month.

Nutrition FAQs

How is a nutrition coach different from a dietitian?

How is a nutrition coach different from a dietitian?

A nutrition coach is trained to help clients reach health goals. They receive instruction on necessary coaching skills as well as foundational nutrition information. They do not diagnose or treat. Health coaches are one valuable component of a larger health care team that provides support on a client’s individual health journey.
What is integrative nutrition?

What is integrative nutrition?

Integrative nutrition aims to explore all of the things that affect your health: relationships, spirituality, physical activity, food, and so much more. It takes a bioindividualized approach to build a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable for the client.

Is this like a diet plan?

Is this like a diet plan?

Statistically speaking, diets fail 95% of the time, and they are very stressful to the individual. For that reason, it is important to take a more holistic approach to health and sustaining healthy habits. This program isn’t about a “what not to eat” list or a “one size fits all” approach. This program is about helping the client find what is nourishing to them in their unique body for a lifetime of wellness.

What can I expect from each nutrition session?

What can I expect from each session?

After completing a health history form, your coach will walk through the areas of your life that are fueling you, along with the areas that are draining. Each session will leave you with practical next steps to move forward in your health journey with support and confidence.

Happy Clients

“Erin comes from a place of compassion and understanding. She is never judgmental about where you are on your journey. Focusing on the positivity, she is in your corner no matter what.”

Jena's Nutrition Coaching Testimonial



“Erin has helped so much in my journey with chronic illness. I’ve seen a myriad of doctors and specialists, but the most effective suggestions and changes that were easiest to implement came from Erin! I was also pleasantly surprised when Erin went beyond food & supplement guidance and gave me encouragement and tools that helped relieve anxiety and guilt that come with the pressure so many of us put on ourselves in our struggles to ‘be healthy.’”

Stephanie's Nutrition Coaching Testimonial



“I was in search of someone who could help me lose some weight with real foods. I had been in the diet world mentality for most of my adult life and even had been a coach for one of those prepackaged diet companies. Erin was actually co-leading a group that dealt with body image, dieting, and faith. I was drawn to her knowledge, transparency, compassion, and perspective. Her approach to health, wellness, and weight loss was refreshing and forward-thinking. She models for you the relationship with food and yourself not just of choices but of freedoms. To enjoy, live your life, strengthen your body/core/soul with awareness of foods beauty and wealth.”

Theresa's Nutrition Coaching Testimonial