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Counseling for the Whole Person

We consider it a privilege to be invited into your journey. Our counselors are experienced, compassionate professionals, ready to meet you where you are.

Our Approach to Counseling.

At Living Well, we offer a holistic approach to counseling. Each therapist takes time to thoroughly understand each client so we can best walk alongside them. We learn about their environment, relationships past and present, challenges and traumas, stressors, and the client’s physical condition. Then we work together to determine the goals of therapy. We aim to approach the needs of each client holistically through therapies that engage mind, body, and soul.




A form of healing that considers the whole person – mind, body, spirit (soul) and emotions in the quest for optimal health and wellness

Counseling Specialties

Trauma Counseling Tyler Texas

Trauma Counseling

The impact of trauma on the mind, body, and soul can be devastating. There is hope in overcoming the long term effects of trauma and moving forward. Treatments like EMDR, somatic therapy, and trauma-focused CBT are just a few ways we can help.

Grief Counseling Tyler Texas

Grief Counseling

Where there is grief, there was once great love and hope. We are ready to comfort and walk with you as you adjust to the “new normal” that loss creates.

Chronic Stress Counseling Tyler Texas

Counseling for Chronic Stress

How we respond to stress matters for our overall well-being. Let us help you find coping strategies that give relief and a sense of peace.

Anxiety Counseling Tyler TX

Anxiety Counseling

Clinical anxiety can take over and make you feel out of control. Let us help you find effective ways to take anxiety out of the driver’s seat.

Depression Counseling Tyler TX

Depression Counseling

When the cloud of depression settles in, it can feel like an overwhelming weight. Burdens carried together are always lighter. We want to help you move through it.

Counseling for Autoimmune Disorder Tyler Texas

Counseling for Autoimmune Disorder

You don’t have to suffer alone.  Autoimmune disorders are directly impacted by how we deal with stress and trauma. We are here to help you stay well!

Marriage Counseling Tyler Texas

Marriage Counseling

Whether you are wanting to start out on the right foot, strengthen your marriage, heal from past hurts, or work through difficult issues, we are honored to come alongside you.

Relationship Counseling Tyler TX

Relationship Counseling

If you need guidance regarding family/extended family, work, church, friendship, or dating, we are here to help you navigate the sometimes complicated world of relationships. From setting boundaries to navigating conflict, let us help you work it out.

Spiritual Counseling Tyler TX

Spiritual Counseling

When you are feeling discouraged, having doubts, struggling to find meaning, or questioning your faith, it would be our joy to come alongside you.

Meet Our Counselors

Alisha Ferrell, LPC-S

Alisha Ferrell


Amy Waters

Co-Founder, Owner, LPC-S, and Director of Integrative Care
Brian MacKenzie LPC Tyler TX

Brian MacKenzie

Elaine Phillips

Elaine Phillips


Erika Sadler


Heather Hall


Julie David


Kami Jackson

Co-Founder, Owner, LPC-S, & Director of Business Development
Kirsten Adams, LPC-Associate

Kirsten Adams

Madison Wilson

Madison Wilson


Molly Moore


Nadia Cobb

Reagan Duvak, Masters Level Counseling Student at Living Well

Reagan Duvak

Masters Level Counseling Student

Richard Kerry

LPC-S, Director of Counseling

Counseling Prices

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

50/ 80 Minute Session

$135 / $215


50/ 80 Minute Session

$90 / $135

Masters Level Student

Individual Session


Counseling FAQs

Holistic counseling in Tyler Texas

What is holistic counseling?

When you hear “holistic,” think “whole person.” Each therapist takes time to really understand each client so we can best walk alongside them. We learn about their environment, relationships past and present, challenges and traumas, stressors, and the client’s physical condition. Then we work together to determine the goals of therapy. We aim to approach the needs of each client through therapies that engage mind, body, and soul.

When should I seek counseling in Tyler Texas?

When should I seek counseling?

Proverbs says that “in the abundance of counselors, there is safety.” Counseling is a wise decision when you are hurting and in need of healing. There are some burdens that were never meant to be carried alone. It is also wise to seek counsel when you simply desire to be healthy and pursue mental health.

What kind of counseling issues do you treat in Tyler Texas?

What kinds of issues do you treat?

Our team of professional counselors is trained to help with a variety of needs. We specialize in working with trauma, grief and loss, chronic stress, anxiety/OCD, depression, autoimmune disorders, marriage and family issues, building healthy relationships, identity, spiritual issues, and so much more. We invite you to explore our counselor bios to see their particular areas of interest and specialty. The therapeutic relationship is important to us. We love our clients and see our role in your lives as sacred.

If I go to counseling, does that mean I’m crazy?

If I go to counseling, does that mean I’m crazy?

Counseling is often one of the sanest things people do. We were not meant to live life in a vacuum. Counseling can offer perspective and simply the time and space we all need to process. We hope when you walk through our doors that you feel like an honored guest who is doing something good for yourself and that the feeling of shame would have no place in our waiting rooms.

How do I know which counselor in Tyler TX is right for me?

How do I know which counselor is right for me?

We ask all of our first time counseling clients to call to make their first appointment. Even if you have participated in other services, it is important to us that we start the therapeutic process off on the right foot. Our guest services team would be thrilled to help you choose if you are unsure.

Do you take insurance?

Do you take insurance?

Our office does not do insurance billing and processing, but we would be happy to provide you with a coded invoice for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Happy Clients

“I feel like Amy sees directly into my soul. She helps me move beyond the surface “symptom” to identify the root cause. She’s one of the most loving, caring, truly understanding women I have ever met. And yet she’s not afraid to be honest with me. Being with her is an absolute breath of fresh air.

Amanda's Counseling Testimonial



“The ladies of Living Well have indeed helped me to live, well! I have benefitted immeasurably from Amy’s and Kami’s counsel, listening ears, and kind hearts. I feel holistically cared for in the presence of these wise, truth-speaking women, and have learned to think more clearly and carefully through difficult situations rather than first reacting out of emotion. I have also found boldness to guard my personal boundaries in a way that protects love, enables healing, and allows me to experience my emotions in a responsible way.”

Chelsey's Counseling Testimonial