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Become the Best Version of Yourself

What is Wellness? 

Wellness is becoming the best version of yourself through the integration of mind, body, and spirit. It is present moment living with an awareness that everything we believe, think, feel, and do impacts our overall sense of health and wellbeing. Through the lens of self-responsibility and compassion, wellness is making daily choices to care for ourselves that create balance, resiliency, fulfillment, and purpose in life.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response, lies our growth and our freedom.



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Through present and future focusing, wellness coaching helps to identify where you are today, your dreams, define your path to get you there, and then create small action setps that add up to sustained change over time.

Coaching Session Prices

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Jennifer Carson, Health & Wellness Coach Tyler Texas

Meet Jennifer Carson

Wellness Coach

Jennifer is passionate about coming alongside you as you transition through difficult seasons in life or simply desire to increase your overall health and wellbeing. She knows that because you are created in the image of God you have infinite value and worth. Helping you realize that for yourself will be one of her greatest joys!

As a Wellness Coach, Jennifer believes in the power of personal responsibility and self-care. Her desire is to meet you right where you are through either one-on-one coaching or in a small group setting. She has facilitated small groups for over 20 years and understands that change is not easy. Sometimes you need someone to help process, figure out where you are, where you want to be and create a path to get there. She would love the opportunity to walk alongside you in a compassionate, accepting and grace-filled way.

Jennifer earned a BS Degree in Biomedical Science from Texas A&M University, a MS Degree in Physical Therapy from TWU, and a MS Degree in Mental Health & Wellness from Grand Canyon University. She is a licensed Physical Therapist, the Founder of The Children’s Park and a Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach.

Benefits of Wellness Coaching

How is a nutrition coach different from a dietitian?

Increase Self-Awareness

Become more aware of how you live in the present moment, the only place to experience true joy and peace.

What is integrative nutrition?

Grow in Self-Compassion

We are often harder on ourselves than anyone else. Can you imagine the difference if you showed up for yourself the same as you would for your best friend? 

Is this like a diet plan?

Practice Authentic Self-care

Do you truly know what you like or what you need? Using a 12-dimention Wellness Inventory, discover what you need to expereince overall health and wholeness. 

What can I expect from each nutrition session?

Create Life Balance

Life is more fulfilling when we’re living in balance. Through increased self-awareness and present moment living, develop a plan to restore balance one small step at a time

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Discover Life Purpose

We are each created with a purpose. Whether expoling for the first time or transitioning through a life season, knowing where you are going gives direction adn fulfillment. 

Mindful Eating Package Tyler Texas

Make Sustained Life Changes

Change can be hard! Having someone alongside for the journey provides accountability, encouragement, and someone to help you navigate the path. 

Happy Clients

” Jennifer is a gifted listener. She has coached me through professional pivots, relational challenges, and spiritual sinkholes. Whenever I hit a tangled spot in life, Jennifer helps me to untangle it. Along with her credentials, she has life wisdom that she lives into on a consistent basis – she walks the walk. I recommend her very highly to anyone wanting help with their next step.”
Jena's Nutrition Coaching Testimonial



“Jennifer has coached me through areas of my life that I needed insight to walk through successfully.  Her coaching wasn’t about giving me the answers, but about showing me how to identify the deeper issues I was struggling with for myself.  Then helping me to discover the best path, in doable steps, for healing. The growth that came wasn’t so much about solving issues but developing me into more personal maturity and health.  I would recommend Jennifer to anyone who wants godly assistance navigating the bumps of life” 

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“Jennifer has a unique gift for leading groups. I found a sense of community for the first time in one of her groups over 13 years ago. She creates a safe place for people to be authentic and vulnerable in a way that is rarely experienced in daily life. Most of this comes from Jennifer modeling healthy growth in her own life and providing hope as someone who is a few steps ahead on the same journey. She achieves just the right balance of grace and truth in her coaching, which is foundational to Christ-centered growth. Feeling seen and heard in a group, and accepted for who I am, has been transformational in my life.”

Theresa's Nutrition Coaching Testimonial